1. FAQ's About Us: Sugar & Spice Cockapoos
Q: Where are you located?
Q: What do you feed your dogs?
Q: Why do you give your dogs/puppies NuVet Supplements?
Q: Can we visit your dogs and/or puppies?
2. FAQ's About Our Puppies
Q: What puppies do you currently have available?
Q: What are your prices?
Q: What size will the puppies be when they are full grown?
Q: Do you vaccinate the puppies?
Q: Are the puppies wormed?
Q: Are your puppies registered?
Q: Why is it important that my puppy is registered?
Q: What do you feed your puppies?
Q: Why do you give your puppies NuVet Supplements?
3. FAQ's About YOUR Puppy
Q: Will my puppy interact with other animals and children?
Q: What training will my puppy have before he comes home?
Q: What do you provide? What do I need to buy?
Q: Do you have more photos of the puppy I am interested in?
Q: When can my puppy come home?
Q: Would you be willing to keep my puppy past 8 weeks?
4. FAQ's About Our Prices and Policies
Q: What are your prices?
Q: What is your guarantee?
Q: Do you ship your puppies?
Q: Are you willing to deliver to nearby cities?
Q: If I send a deposit, what does that guarantee?
Q: How do I make a deposit and/or pay for a puppy?
Q: If I am first on the waiting list, do I get to choose first?
Q: What happens if I don't find a puppy I like in this litter?
Q: Why do you require a spay/neuter contract?
Q: What if I want my dog to have a litter of puppies?
Q: Will you sell to a breeder?
Q: Do you sell puppies to just anyone?
5. FAQ's About the Cockapoo Breed
Q: What exactly is a Cockapoo?
Q: What is a "first generation" Cockapoo?
Q: What is a "second generation" Cockapoo?
Q: Which is better - first or second?
Q: Do Cockapoos require much grooming?
Q: Do Cockapoos shed much?
Q: What is their temperament?
Q: Are Cockapoos good with children?
Q: Is male or female better?
Q: Should their tails be docked?
6. FAQ's About Our Testing
Q: What tests do you do on your dogs?
Q: What is CERF?
Q: What is DNA testing?
Q: What is OFA testing?
Q: What does AKC traceable mean?
Q: What do the numbers F1, F2, etc. stand for?
Q: What does it mean if there is a "B" after the F1?


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