FAQ's About Sugar and Spice Cockapoos
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are a small family-run business located near Greenville, SC. Moving to south of Columbia, SC in spring of 2018. We are located approximately 30 minutes north of Greenville, SC, and 45 minutes south of Asheville, NC. We are two hours from Charlotte, about four hours from Raleigh, and about 3 hours from Atlanta. You may pick up your puppy at our house, or delivery options are sometimes available to Asheville or Charlotte; occasionally we deliver puppies to Greensboro, NC, if we have several families getting puppies from the same litter who wish to have their puppies delivered. Please email me for specific delivery charges. Occasionally we travel to other states; contact us for possible delivery arrangements.
Q: Can we come see your dogs and/or puppies?
A: We would be happy to have you visit our facilities and meet our dogs if you call or email to make an appointment. However, we only allow visitors who have put down a $100 deposit. In other words, you must be a serious buyer in order to visit us (parvovirus is very contagious, so we do not want to have visitors who have been to other kennels). If, after visiting our facilities, you feel uncomfortable buying a puppy from us (you must provide a legitimate reason), we will refund your deposit. After the puppies have had their first shots at six-seven weeks of age, we will allow visitors to hold the puppies.
Q: What do you feed your dogs and puppies?
A: Our dogs are fed a nutritional dry dog food that we buy at Costco - Kirkland brand dog and/or puppy food. We also give our dogs and puppies (starting at 6-7 weeks of age) a nutritional supplement called NuVet Plus™.
Q: Why do you give your dogs and puppies NuVet Supplements?
A: NuVet Nutritional Supplements help boost the immune system of dogs and puppies. It is full of herbs, vitamins and minerals to help keep them in the best of health. We believe giving them this supplement reduces the risk of many potential health issues. Please read more about NuVet in our Health section.

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