FAQ's About Our Puppies
Q: What puppies do you currently have available?
A: All of our available puppies are listed on our website, along with photos and information about the moms and dads. We update infomation and pictures on a regular basis. See Available Puppies page. It is always best, however, to send an email or call us to make sure the puppy you want is still available.
Q: What are your prices?
A: Puppies range from at $1500-$2000. Residents of SC are required to pay SC state tax in addition to the cost of the puppy.

Coat type cannot be determined until the puppies are at least 5 weeks old. Before that, we are only making an educated guess. Also, coat colors are not always fully evident until the puppy is 8-15 months old. We cannot guarantee adult coat type or color. The only thing we can guarantee is gender.
Q: How large will the puppies be when they are full grown?
A: Our adult dogs are between 8 and 28 pounds, so the puppies should be in that range. Most of our puppies mature to be in the 10-25 pound range.
Q: Do you vaccinate the puppies?

A. We give our puppies their first vaccination at approximately six-seven weeks of age, which is the age our vet recommends. The next vaccination is given 3-4 weeks later. Your puppy will need a series of vaccines to fully protect him or her. Your vet will inform you of further vaccination requirements. You will be provided a worming/vaccination record in your puppy packet. Please read more about vaccinations on our Information Page under Vaccinations.

Q: Are the puppies wormed?
A: Our puppies have worming treatments administered as needed. See Internal Parasites on our Information Page. You will be provided a medical record in your puppy packet.
Q: Are your puppies registered?
  A: Our litters are registered with the ACC (American Cockapoo Club). Information about how to register your individual puppy with the ACC is included in your puppy packet. All of our puppies are registerable with the ACC.
Q: Why is it important that my puppy is registered?
  A: Registration provides documentation that the dog does not have bloodlines from breeds other than a Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. You can access the American Cockapoo Club website to find out more information about Cockapoos and about the ACC Cockapoo Registry.
Q: What do you feed your puppies?
A: We feed our puppies Kirkland brand puppy food from Costco, which is ranked in the top 10% of quality puppy food. A similar good food is Life's Abundance Puppy Food, which is what we suggest if you don't have a Costco membership. You can order it online through this link: www.luvourpetslonger.com (click on the red bar)
We will send our puppies home with a small baggie of Kirkland puppy food. Your puppy's food should be switched over gradually if you are going to feed him/her a different brand of food than the Costco food that we provide.
Q: Why do you give your dogs and puppies NuVet Supplements?
A: NuVet Nutritional Supplements help boost the immune system of dogs and puppies. It is full of herbs, vitamins and minerals to help keep them in the best of health. We believe giving them this supplement reduces the risk of many potential health issues. Please read more about NuVet under Health. Giving your puppies NuVet supplements triples the health guarantee of your puppy from one year to three years. The dogs and puppies LOVE their NuVets!

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