FAQ's About YOUR Puppy
Q: Will my puppy interact with other animals and children?
A: All of our puppies are born and raised in our home. Before they are four weeks old, they don't do much exploring - they spend their time nursing and sleeping. After they are four weeks old, we interact with them frequently so they will be familiar with being handled by children and adults. By the time they are five-six weeks old, they are ready to play outside (weather permitting), and the fun begins! We take individual photos of the puppies every two weeks and email the pictures to their new families. Individual photos are taken at these approximate ages: 10 days, 3, 5, 7 weeks. Puppies are chosen beginning at three-five weeks of age, based on the order of the waiting list, and go home at eight weeks old.
Q: What training will my puppy have before he/she comes home?
A: By the time the puppies are six weeks old, we have started them on paper training and/or taking them outside to potty. The puppies are used to household noises (vacuum cleaner, people going in and out doors, TV, people stopping to pet them or pick them up, etc.) They are well socialized by the time they are eight weeks old, and most of them are extremely friendly, even with strangers. They are very playful at this age, and lots of fun. They have interaction with other puppies, our adult Cockapoos, and children. Also on the Information Page, you will find links to very helpful information about house training your puppy
Q: What do you provide? What do I need to buy?
A: Please read What We Provide in our Information section. This lists everything that is provided with your puppy when he/she comes home, and also gives recommendations for additional items that you should purchase on your own.
Q: Do you have more photos of the puppy I am interested in?
A: We do our best to take photos of our puppies approximately every two weeks, and we will provide photos by email once you have chosen your puppy. Until then, photos of all available puppies will be shown on the Available Puppies page. Individual photos are taken at these approximate ages: 10 days, 3, 5, & 7 weeks.
Q: When can my puppy come home?
A: Puppies go home at 8-9 weeks of age unless other arrangements have been made. If you wish for us to keep your puppy past 9 weeks, there is a charge of $10-$40 per day, depending on the boarding or training options chosen.
Q: Would you be willing to keep my puppy past 8 weeks?
  A: If we keep your puppy extra days, there is a charge to do so; the cost depends on boarding vs training, and there are also several levels of training that we offer.  Boarding means keeping the puppy with our other puppies (no individual training). Training can include crate training at night and/or day, beginning house training, leash training, and individual time starting simple commands such as come and sit. Additionally, there is a charge of $10 for a vaccination if that is required during his or her extended stay with us. However, we may not always be available to keep your puppy additional days - arrangements must be made ahead of time. Please contact us if you cannot take your puppy home when he or she is 8-9 weeks old.

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