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What We Provide

Registration application to register your puppy with the American Cockapoo Club—you will need to fill it out online per the instructions on the form.

• Signed guarantee from Sugar and Spice Cockapoos—included as part of contract. Health guarantee will be for either one year or three years (purchasing NuVet supplements for your puppy during that time).

• Small baggie of Kirkland Puppy Food – Costco brand. (Blue Buffalo Basics Puppy Turkey and Potato is similar.)

• Stuffed toy with scent of litter mates.

• A bell for house training (see #2 on house training tips).

Chew sticks—keep chew sticks on hand so the puppy won’t be tempted to chew on your personal belongings. Please buy only rawhide chew sticks or bully sticks, and avoid anything that is pressed and has added dyes or flavorings.

Please don’t let your new puppy down on the ground in an area that is frequented by other dogs, as he or she could contract parvovirus or some other deadly disease. If you are traveling a long distance to bring your puppy home, having a cardboard box or plastic tote lined with puppy papers or newspapers is a safe place for your puppy to go to the bathroom - in your vehicle.

What You Will Need

NuVet supplements. If you choose to continue the daily regimen of NuVet supplements, we can provide a bottle when you pick up your puppy if you let us know in advance. Or you may order more at www.NuVet.com/98014. There is a NuVet link on our website also. I cannot stress enough the importance of boosting the immune system of your puppy; the most vulnerable time for puppies is 7-12 weeks of age.

Crate/kennel. In my opinion, wire cages are the best option because they allow the puppy to see what is going on, thereby feeling more a part of the family. You may want to get a 30" crate instead of the smallest size; it will seem huge at first, but he/she will grow into it. That is the perfect adult size, in my opinion. Please note that the back half will need to be blocked off at first, as too much space will allow the puppy to go to the bathroom in the back of the kennel and cause problems with crate training.

We highly recommend one of Cesar Milan’s books about dog training, as this shows more about the individual personality traits dogs tend to exhibit. Here is one book that we recommend: How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond by Cesar Milan.

Puppy food—we feed our puppies Kirkland Chicken and Rice Puppy Food from Costco—it has very good ingredients and is about half the price of other quality puppy food brands. It has a four-star rating, out of a possible five. If you do not have a Costco membership, we recommend Blue Buffalo Basics Puppy Turkey and Potato (also four stars); it is available at PetSmart and PetCo. Compare dog/puppy foods: www.dogfoodadvisor.com/.

Food/water dish. Purchase a heavy dish that cannot be knocked over. Puppies like to paw at their dishes - or walk in them - so you want it to be very sturdy.

Collar and leash. An 8” collar is the size he will be in at first. A kitten collar may work since they sometimes come in smaller sizes. He should weigh about four to seven pounds when he comes home. Another great option is purchasing a harness. It's better for not pulling on the puppy's neck, and is more secure, because the puppy cannot pull out of it.

Puppy pads or newspaper for indoor training, if desired; however, we do not recommend that option unless you purchase your puppy in extremely cold weather and/or do not have a private grassy area for him to use while he is susceptible to parvo. Disposable underpads are available at any drugstore, and puppy training pads are available at pet stores and Walmart.

You will need to schedule a vet appointment within five days of picking up your puppy. He may already be up to date on worming and vaccinations, but it is a good thing to have your vet check him out. I suggest weighing your puppy before going to the vet, and bringing a towel or blanket to lay on the examining table. This further protects him from any germs that are in your vet's office. Give your vet the medical record that we provide to make sure your vet is aware of all shots/worming that were given.


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