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If you are interested in keeping one of our puppies or dogs in a Guardian Home, please contact us for more information. There are several guidelines that must be followed if you are going to become a Guardian Home for one of our breeding dogs. We have different specific guidelines for males and females, so we have separate contracts for them.

FEMALES: Because we find that the health of the pregnant female has a great deal to do with the health of the puppies, we have certain requirements that apply to any female in our breeding program. She must be provided with NuVet Nutritional Supplements, and these supplements are to be given to her daily.
When it's time to breed, she must be transported back to us, and will stay for an average of 5-10 days. She will then return to her guardian family for 8 weeks of her pregnancy. At that time, she will be returned to stay with us for whelping (delivering the puppies) and nursing time period - about 5-6 weeks;

Our breeding dogs must not have any unapproved commercial dog foods. Our choice is the Kirkland dry dog food found at Costco. Another acceptable option is Nutro Natural Lamb and Rice Formula.

Your dog may not be placed in a boarding kennel at any time while he or she is a part of our breeding program. If you cannot find another dog sitter, feel free to contact us.

Please read all of the information listed under Health on our Information Page for more general information on health care for dogs.


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