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1. Always take your new puppy to the same area outside; he will train a lot faster because he will know what is expected of him. When/if your new puppy has an accident on the floor, soak it up with a paper towel, then take the paper towel outside. Place a rock on top of the paper towel so the wind doesn’t blow it away. If your puppy poops on the floor, take the poop outside to the same area also.

2. You need to take your new puppy outside often! Puppies cannot wait long periods of time between visits outside. They have to go more frequently shortly after eating – possibly every 15-30 minutes. Give him lots of praise when he goes. It is also helpful to say a particular word to him, so he gets used to going “on command.” Tip: If you hang a bell on the doorknob and let him “ring” it with his paw each time he goes out, he’ll eventually get “bell trained” and tell you when he has to go out.

3. If your puppy does not go to the bathroom when you take him outside, put him in his crate (or hold him) instead of letting him run around the house. That is the “secret” to puppy training – never give him a chance to go in the house. Give him about 15 minutes and then take him outside to try again. If he goes, it should be safe to let him have some freedom in the house for a little while, but watch for signs of having to go potty again (whining, sniffing a lot, walking in circles, walking away from you).

4. In order to keep your puppy from soiling his crate at night, you should take his food away by about 5:00 p.m. each day. Also limit his water in the evenings. Take your puppy to the bathroom just before you retire for the night (as late as possible at first), and let him out first thing in the morning (as early as possible). It may take him several nights to get adjusted to his new surroundings and to being by himself. Be patient…he will adjust with time.

5. Check out some books and videos from your library…there is lots of information that will help you train your puppy. Provide your puppy with exercise, discipline, and affection! Always be consistent in training him!
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