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TAKE YOUR PUPPY OUT ... immediately after he wakes up in the morning … frequently after meals … after he wakes up from a nap … before any extra freedom period … after extreme excitement and long play periods … the last thing at night.

STAY ALERT for signs that your puppy is "looking" to relieve himself (whining, acting restless, sniffing the floor, pacing around in circles). When you see him doing any of these things pick him up GENTLY, ring his bell with his paw, and rush him outside to his "toilet area." You may be going out 8 to 10 times the first few days; however, once the puppy settles into a routine, the number of times he needs to go out will lessen.

STICK TO A STRICT SCHEDULE. The more conscientious you are NOW, the more successful the training will be and the less "troubles" you will likely face down the road. It often takes some patience to make your puppy understand what you want him to do, but he WILL ADJUST to your schedule in time. There will likely be accidents - that's to be expected when training puppies - but when your dog "makes a mistake" in the house, NEVER ABUSE HIM PHYSICALLY. Just pick him up immediately, ring his bell, and bring him outside to his potty area. He’ll eventually get the idea that OUTSIDE is where he goes to the bathroom.

ALWAYS GO OUTSIDE WITH YOUR PUPPY during the training period. You want to see when and where he relieves himself, and your ENTHUSIASTIC PRAISE will encourage him. Once the puppy is completely housebroken, you won’t need to accompany him outdoors. If, however, you live in the city and/or don't have an enclosed yard, you must always go outside with your dog – NEVER let him roam free.

FREE TIME IN THE HOUSE. The length of supervised free periods (in your house) depends upon a puppy’s age. Your goal is to increase his free periods GRADUALLY until he needs to be confined only while you are away from home. Be consistent with training, be diligent with taking him out frequently, praise him often, and you will see quick results!


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