Hi Linda, it was love at first sight!! OMG...what an adorable, tiny, teeny, precious sweetie she is. She made herself right at home and she is so perfect! She has not had any accident in the house yet. I am careful to walk her every hour and after she eats/drinks so I think she has the idea already that outside is where she goes...especially when she is highly praised with a puppy treat. She is extremely playful, loves all the toys, chewies, stuffed animals and balls I got her and is very alert and curious. She did not whimper a bit last night...well maybe because she slept with me all night in my bed, but how could I resist. I can't thank you enough for all your help, for all the wonderful photos and most of all for helping me select Lucy. She is a living doll and the perfect companion for me.Thanks again for everything!
Sandra in North Carolina

Hello Linda, Chase is doing wonderful!! The ride back home was great, he acted like he had known us forever and he took a few naps in the car.
He had a great night, slept through the night. I was the one who did not get much sleep thinking that something was wrong with him. I even got close to his cage to make sure he was breathing; it reminded me of when I brought home my newborn children :-)) He is a great dog, happy, friendly, playful and very loving. We are all very happy with him and I'm sure we are really going to enjoy having him as a pet. Thank you and we will stay in touch.
Giovanna in Georgia

Dear Linda, its been exactly one year since we met Wylee. We are so lucky to have such an amazing dog and we thank you for having brought him into our lives. We get stopped constantly on the streets of Hoboken and New York City by people who want to pet him. We even had a television producer follow us for several blocks trying to convince us to allow Wylee on his show!!
Best, Tanya in New York

Hi Linda, there are not enough words to describe how in  love we are with Brady!! It really was love at first sight for all of us!! He is doing extremely well with his training and is just the sweetest, most loving little soul!! I can't thank you enough for helping me with finding just the right match for our family. My daughter and Brady bonded immediately and he sleeps in her room in his crate every night. He is so friendly and playful. And loves to cuddle all the time. From the moment we brought him home, it was like he had always been here. He really has completed our family in the best way! I truly believe he was just meant to be with us!!!! Thank you again for all your help and for bringing just the best little guy into our lives!!
Joann in MA

Thank you again for such a lovely addition to the family.  Clio is a wonderful puppy and so smart too!  She is practically housebroken already, she knows when bedtime is and no longer hopes to play all night, and aside from torturing her big sister, Abby, (what are little sisters for after all?), she is just perfect!
Nicole in North Carolina

Hi Linda. I just wanted to touch base with you....Bella is such an fabulous dog. She is doing so great!! My kids couldn't have asked for a better dog. They have thanked me so many times for getting them such an amazing dog. Everywhere we take her, people stop to tell us how beautiful she is!!!!! I have given your number and website to so many different people. If you ever need a referral, I would be thrilled to share how happy we are!!! Thanks again.
Beth and family in New Jersey

Hi Linda!  I hope all is well with  your family! Bentley is a wonderful puppy!  Everyone loves him so much.  He is a very curious, affectionate puppy, loves to get into things and is always willing to get a hug.  It took about 2 weeks to have him fully housebroken.  He loves his crate and still sleeps at night with his little teddy bear you provided.  It’s funny to see him chew all his toys except this little bear.  He has just finished puppy training classes…passed at the head of his class.  Our trainer complimented us on how great he is and what a beautiful puppy he is.  He was the youngest in his class.  Everyone has to stop and talk to Bentley wherever we go.  Everyone in the class wanted to know where we got him.  Of course, wonderful words about you! 
Ian, Sharon, Kristen, Brianna and Victoria in Pennsylvania

Linda, I just wanted to send you a quick note of thank you.  Charlie (formerly Tex) is such a wonderful puppy!  I've been told more times than I can count that he is the cutest and friendliest puppy that anyone has ever seen, and of course I completely agree.  It's hard to walk him anywhere without people stopping to ask what kind of dog he is and where I got him from (it's too bad I'm in DC or I imagine you'd be getting some referrals, though a few people have asked me for your information even knowing the distance)!  He is doing well with housebreaking, and he also has been a quick learner of tricks and commands (his puppy school instructor is impressed). I know my parents are equally as thrilled with Riley (formerly Savannah).  I hear from them on nearly a daily basis as to what new behavior she has learned (swimming has been the most recent) and what a sweet puppy she is as well.  I'm headed back to Charlotte with Charlie in 2 weeks, so we'll see if they remember one another since they were littermates! I hope you are doing well, and thank you again! 
Lindsey in Washington DC

Linda, Winston is doing so well...growing up so fast! He is SUPER smart and already knows "Winston come" and "Get in your crate." I just wanted to thank you for making this such an easy process and being so easy to work with. I am thrilled with my decision to get Winston and so happy that I decided to use Sugar and Spice Cockapoos! I will certainly recommend you to all of my friends. I have already been showing your website off!! Best, Emily in South Carolina

Hi Linda, Maggie is an absolutely darling puppy. What a fantastic personality and disposition! She is very outgoing, friendly and fearless! She loves everyone and everyone loves her. She weighs 11 lbs. and will be 5 months next Saturday. She is house broken. We did continue to use the idea of the bell. I purchased the "poochie bells" and they work great for her. Although, she does like to ring them just so that we come running and give her attention. I still enjoy looking at all the new puppies on your website. We certainly are thrilled to have found you. We couldn't be happier with our puppy. She is adorable and tons of fun!
Dan and Ruth Anne in Florida

Hi Linda, Cookie is such a wonderful dog, laid back, friendly and extremely smart (always the smartest dog in training classes), we love him to bits.  Wherever he goes, people stop to admire him and pet him and he LOVES the attention. I don't know how many people asked us where we got him from. Hope all is well at Sugar and Spice!
Catherine - South Carolina

Linda, I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed adding Leah to our family! She just fits in perfectly and is a wonderful puppy! She is very laid back and easy going-and loves just hanging around and playing-nothing seems to bother her. The boys have taken to calling her Reese, because they say she looks like chocolate and peanut butter. She also has a light spot on her chest, that if she is sitting just right looks like the batman symbol-the boys think that is one of the best things about her of course!!
Windy and boys - North Carolina

Charee absolutely loves the snow! Her first experience was the snow we got in December. At first she did not know what it was but before I could get her down the stairs and across the street, she was having a ball jumping through the mounds of white powder! Thank you again for a perfectly healthy and happy dog. Her vets just love her. You can quote me on that if you wish!
Carla in Maryland

We are enjoying Louis (pronounced Louie) spelled after the purse I wanted, but got out-voted in favor of the puppy-go figure. It has been almost a week and he just fits right in.  He already sleeps in his kennel all night, no whining or accidents-UNBELIEVABLE!  We are all in puppy love.  Will keep you posted.  Huge thanks to Linda who raised Louis, the most beautiful, well behaved, puppy.
Joy and family in Delaware

Hi Linda, I just wanted to share a few photos of Molly and let you know how much I am enjoying her! She is very sweet and very healthy. She loves fetching her ball and giving everyone she meets puppy kisses :) For her first birthday, she got a full spa day and a new poodle style haircut. Hope you are well, and thanks for such a wonderful puppy!
Stephanie in North Carolina

Linda, we are so grateful that this little guy is ours. Cyndi couldn't keep her
eyes off the pictures you sent. Thank you very much. Obviously we can't wait
to see him in the flesh. We are very much looking forward to meeting you
guys. You have a special way of making us feel part of the process. Thank
Jim and Cyndi in New York

Hi Linda, thank you so much for sending us pictures showing Daisy's progress each week - they are so wonderful. You are a terrific photographer! We think that she's just the cutest puppy.
All the best, Jodi in South Carolina

Hi Linda, jJust wanted to let you know that we couldn't be happier with our new puppy - we named him Copper (because of his beautiful coat!) and are enjoying every minute with our new little guy. He has definitely become my little shadow. I just wanted to thank you for all the updates, etc. as he was growing up. I have been extremely pleased with my experience with Sugar and Spice and will definitely recommend you guys to anyone wanting a puppy of their own.
Molly in North Carolina

I check the website almost every hour for updates of pictures and videos!  We are so blessed to have found you all and your beautiful puppies.  This is a monumental moment for our family, as this puppy will be THE DOG of our children's growing up years. Thanks again for all your efforts and thoughtfulness!
Tina and family in Virginia

Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely visit with our family today. We feel so comfortable with you and truly can't imagine a more loving environment for our new puppy. Your whole family seems to really love and care for each and every puppy -- it is no wonder your previous customers were so satisfied with their sweet new babies. Again, thank you so much for your time and all your energy in nurturing such lovely future family members. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing new photos as the puppies progress.
Best wishes, Melissa in South Carolina

The surprise went wonderfully; our whole family is excited about Benji. He is a very good puppy. The first night here he whined for exactly 3 minutes! We've established a good schedule with eating, walks, play, etc. The vet visit confirmed his good health. We're going to puppy classes soon! Friends of ours with a "Shipoo" commented on how good and smart Benji is! The people at the vet office also commented on how calm and good his temperament appears to be. We are starting to work on sit, bed, Benji's house, bell, etc. I think this is a smart, teachable dog that doesn't yip (like I remember my childhood Yorkies). I think I love this dog even more than my daughter does!!! We will keep you posted. It was a pleasure to meet you and be assured that your puppy is in a loving, caring home.
Lisa and family in Wisconsin

We just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our new puppy! Ginger is adorable, healthy, and has a wonderful personality! She is so sweet and has the best personality and loves all of us:) We are so happy with her. We thank you for making the waiting time for Ginger a pleasant experience. We really appreciated that you always responded to our questions and provided weekly photos for us. We will be sure to recommend Sugar and Spice Cockapoos!
Sincerely, Michelle and family in Florida

Flip is wonderful!  He’s just a doll and we love him to pieces.  He is feisty and loves to play—and he loves other dogs.  We’ve had several play dates with friends and family. I will forward pictures next week! 
Hilary in Missouri

I am attaching a current picture of Buddy.  He is so TALL!  He is doing well...he can sit, lay down, speak, shake, wait/stay, and loves to play with our older Border Collie, Skye.  He absolutely LOVES to run around in our back yard and is so fast!!!   Just wanted to update you.  He is in a loving home and is very happy!
Thanks, Cindy and family in North Carolina

Scruffy Bear is doing great and we love him very much.  He crate trained easily as well as house trained.  I cannot believe how smart and easy going he is.  He was meant for us for sure and I am glad he is a part of our home.
Christine and boys in Virginia

SERVICE DOG: Thought you'd like to know: Mocha now knows how to direct me thru the maze of hospital corridors....with the command: "Show me", she will stand up and point the right direction to go (after being there only once, she can do this anyplace we go). Also, with the command: "Front door-show me", she'll take me to the front door of any store/library/bank we're in. She will get my wash cloth off the bathroom sink and bring it to me, reminds me when something is in the microwave or stove....brings toys by name. She's GREAT in ANY kind of store (in the grocery store she doesn't even LOOK at the meat when we pass by), library, bank, post office, restaurant, church, prayer meeting, conferences....she's got those down pat, almost from day one. Handles buses, trains, cars, ParaTransit vans, all like a pro. What a joy she is.    She's as rambunctious as you remember, as strong willed and active....yet has this little "working" switch that turns on, and wow, when she's with me in my wheel chair, she's brilliant.    She's a very Happy Dog. When I'm having a rough day, she'll lay beside me without moving an inch.....as soon as I'm better, in her mind it's time to be "off to the races." Lol. But how still she can be, how patient, is really impressive. And to be only a bit over 2 years old is remarkable. We laugh a LOT when we play. She's very friendly and outgoing, but knows when she's working, NOT to let people pet her. She's the light of my life. Thank you for entrusting her to my care.
Lu in Georgia
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