Calli & Zander - Unconfirmed

Due November-December, 2020
Solid or parti light colors possible.
Expected adult weight of 20-30lbs.

This litter will likely be reserved for
families already on our waiting list.
Special circumstances involved.

As of October 1st, there are 29 people on our waiting list
for reserved or future litters.

We have ONE LIST for all litters. This list is based on the dates payments are received - the (non-refundable) payments are placed through Paypal - see link below. This $100 payment is NOT applied toward the posted puppy price. After the puppies are born, we give the people on the waiting list the choice of whether or not to be matched with a puppy from the currently available litter(s). If you choose to wait for another litter (you must let us know your final decision within 24 hours), you keep your position on the waiting list (payment is considered valid for one year).
We reserve the right as breeder to hold back up to two puppies in each litter.

Please read our FAQ page 4 for more information.

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cockapoo puppy parti

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