NuVet is an important part of the development of your puppy’s immune system, especially during the first year, but nutritionally beneficial for life.  That is one reason why we TRIPLE our health guarantee from one year to three years if you give your puppy NuVet supplements on a daily basis during that time period.  NuVet is “an immune system builder” which will specifically help the pups through their “immunity gap.” This is the gap between receiving mom’s antibodies through her milk and before puppies can build their own immune system during and after weaning. It’s all happening around the time that the pup is going to a new environment.  This time is stressful for him (no longer playing with his brothers and sisters and being away from mom) and he is starting to get his vaccines (which temporarily deplete the immune system further). He needs help.. but NuVet to the rescue!  A bottle of NuVet is one of the most important items for you to have when your puppy arrives.

Because we believe that this product is vital to the health of your puppy, we strongly encourage that you continue your puppy’s daily regimen of NuVet Plus™ when he joins your family. We are so convinced of the health benefits of NuVet Plus™, that we will extend our guarantee to 3 years if your puppy continues to receive NuVet Plus™ on a daily basis for the first three years of his life. That TRIPLES our health guarantee.

You can learn more about NuVet Plus™ at www.NuVet.com


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